Jewelry care

Forlæng dine smykkeres skønhed.

We hope you enjoy your jewelry from Spinning Jewelry -and that you will enjoy it for as long as possible. Therefore, you get our best advice to take care of your jewelry here.

4 general tips for jewelry care

– Undgå at bade, sove og dyrke sport med dit smykke på. På den måde undgår du den slidtage, som sved, stød og fugt medfører.
– Tag dine ringe af, når du vasker hænder.
– Undgå at dine smykker kommer i kontakt med cremer, parfume og rengøringsmidler. Især sten og perler tåler ikke disse kemikalier.
– Opbevar altid dit smykke i den medfølgende silkepose, når du ikke har det på.

Keep your silver jewelry clean

Your silver jewelry from Spinning Jewelry is coated with a rhodium layer that gives the jewelry a beautiful shine. In cavities and around the stones, dirt and grease can settle over time. Use a jewelry cleaning cloth to remove these by gently polishing the jewelry with the cloth. If your jewelery is without stones or if the stone is embedded in the jewelery, you can also use a special jewelery cleaner in which the jewelery can be dipped.

Protect the coating

If your jewelry has been given a surface treatment such as gilding or oxidation, this will wear over time. Wear and tear depends on the acid in your skin, how you store your jewelry and how often you use it.

Take care of your pearls

Our pearls are all freshwater pearls that are grown in nature - it is a living organism that must be taken good care of. Jewelry with pearls is best being used regularly - otherwise they can lose their color and luster.

Tips til Smykkepleje
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4 hurtige tips til Smykkepleje
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